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Why pay for Advertising when others could be paying you? 

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There are no hidden extras in 'The MBA Way' program. The system comes free of charge. You are requested, for one hour a week, to do some free advertising for the website - But that is optional. The rest is set on autopilot, except for the follow ups and lead transfers. No more than 12 hours a week is required to build your business. Learn how I sponsored several hundred people in just a few months by using dynamics and support as my main tools. 

Pro Members have access to exclusive leads, full tools and presentation modules. Plus the MBA website that helps you 24/7. Plus another site that also works for your own choice of programs through search engine optimisation and free web advertising. Maximum retention and duplication in both businesses, yours and mine, plus full free training and marketing methods that you can use in your spare time. The action plan is included. The logic and reasons explained. The set-up is fully explained and very easy to follow.

Each member that joins on my first level, gets unequalled support and mentoring. You can't get left behind because this is a pushing system where everyone works and achieves their financial independence together. Nothing to handle, stock or ship. Each completed level becomes self replicating and will carry on to infinity unaided and qualify you for future advertising bonuses and exposure.
There are no freeloaders or tire-kickers, everyone can see their progression in real-time. People remain with 'The MBA Way' program because it makes sense. Let the program show its full potential and eliminate cold calling and selling. This is fully focused and maximized to obtain the maximum benefits possible. It will also build a retirement income far faster than any other known method. You control your own destiny.  

No fragmentation. We do it as a team. The more members we have, the faster it progresses for everyone. Advertising and Development of your own advertising system holds the key to future success. The more free and paid web advertising that gets done, the more prospects and leads that we have to convert to members. The more members we have, the greater your earnings become.
People Helping People with a Great Action Plan. 

That's 'The MBA Way' System.

Michael A Fowler, M.B.A. is the editor of the Internet's premier work at home resource: Work from Home Journal.
An Online Trainer, Mentor and Coach, Michael has been helping people to succeed online since 1998.  |

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