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Free Web Advertising rarely works, so to increase sales, you do need to consider your website promotion as part of your expenditure. Most unique traffic comes from search engines because the person searches for what interests them. But even with your own website and all the free web advertising available, it's still a difficult task to get that unique traffic. But to increase sales, it's something that you must do, or sink without trace. Learn how searchEstate and the Free Web Advertising it provides, can provide that Internet Advertising Solution. Website advertising, getting enough visitors to your business, I mean targeted traffic, real visitors, is a marketing nightmare.

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Until now, the Google search engine offered what most people thought was the best Internet Advertising Solution. 'Pay-per-Click' ads became a popular way to reach that targeted traffic but has ended up a nightmare, both financially and in setting it up properly. The revenue generated from that advertising has been enormous, as more people outbid each other, in their quest to increase sales by getting that unique traffic. But is it the Internet Advertising Solution that most people can afford? Or has it become just a money making proposition for the corporations? Here at The MBA Way, we think that is certainly the case.

A few months ago, a new idea was born. It's called searchEstate. Yes, it's a search engine, but with a huge difference. It gives the affiliate the opportunity to build their own piece of Internet Real Estate and increase sales. Imagine having a chunk of the revenue that the Google search engine made last year... Well, searchEstate is set to become the No.1 Internet Advertising Solution in the years to come. Why? Because searchEstate is the first 'peoples search engine' that delivers free web advertising and highly targeted website traffic to your web site and rewards the affiliate with both massive online advertising and financial compensation. searchEstate is not mlm, it's an affiliate program.

So, what do you do to promote searchEstate? It's easy! You just give away free web advertising! Website promotion made easy and affordable!

The more free web advertising that you give away, the greater your free advertising network becomes. As others see the way in which this works, they upgrade! Full real time statistics can be found in your back office. searchEstate is Internet Marketing made easy! As you promote searchEstate, you also promote your own main business opportunity, because it is listed on your own website. Those who just want to build a free web advertising network are the people who will ultimately build your empire. That is why free advertising members are more valuable than paid members ... they bring in more people, some of whom will upgrade and you receive the financial rewards.

But ... it goes deeper than that. The primary purpose of searchEstate, is to grow your own network of affiliate sites, which in turn will give you massive free advertising space. That advertising space can be either used by yourself, or sold back as pay-per-click ads to other business owners that want targeted traffic. Who keeps the profits? You do. It's your own piece of Internet Real Estate. Online advertising will see a new direction in the coming years and searchEstate will become the Internet Advertising Solution for millions of networkers and offline/online business owners.

The searchEstate search engine portals are becoming a common sight upon many websites. As these sites grow in number, so do the amount of searches done through the portals. With the Guaranteed top placements that searchEstate will give it's members, this will form an integral part of all the major search engine traffic. Imagine millions of private pages and networks, with their own search engine portals, all linking up with the likes of Yahoo, Google and MSN. That linking strategy, is what will make searchEstate the No.1 engine for web promotion and highly targeted traffic, that will be exposed to your business opportunity through your own keywords and search engine portal.

SearchEstate is Internet marketing via an affiliate program, which delivers targeted traffic for your own website, through offering free web advertising. No other solution to Internet website advertising is as powerful as the search Estate model. Webmasters and affiliates, can now enjoy search engine advertising at it's best. Text ads, banners, search ads, are all catered for within the searchEstate model. Forget the untargeted visitors, the freeads that no-one ever observes, this is the unique advertising solution that will help build your online business and provide a healthy secondary income, or all the free web advertising that you will ever want or need.

search Estate is an Internet Advertising Solution, optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Our Internet Billboards are Free Advertising that increase Web Traffic. Cash in now on this revolutionary Internet Advertising Solution! searchEstate is a Self Replicating, Perpetual Advertising Machine!



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searchEstate Update - 12th June 2005.

While costs of paid advertising soar, members of searchEstate are experiencing a dramatic new change to the way search engine advertising is accomplished.

Free Web Advertising Solution – searchEstate delivers in spades...

searchEstate delivers the ultimate free advertising solution online.

Advertising on the World Wide Web is a complicated and often costly affair, which rarely produces the results that are promised. Until now, search engine optimisation and top rankings were either reserved for those who had the skills, or the financial acumen to back their business ventures. Thousands of dollars are spent on advertising each and every minute of the day. Pay-per-click is one of  the most popular methods of getting traffic to your web site.

searchEstate is the very first model of its kind that actually reverses the ‘pay-per-click’ model. It is the ultimate free web advertising solution that many people both want and need, to build their main business or businesses successfully. The great thing about searchEstate, is that it advertises your main business, products and services, all from a single affiliate page. That page is under your control.

Finding a lasting online solution to successful web advertising has been accomplished by this ingenious concept. What do you do to build this advertising empire? You simply give away free online advertising to others. Yes, it’s that simple. By directing all your existing traffic to your affiliate page, you are not only advertising all your businesses, products and services in one place but you are also introducing searchEstate.

If your particular business does not appeal to someone, the chances are that they will be interested in obtaining free advertising for their own business interests. That means you have just enhanced your own piece of Internet Real-Estate and increased your advertising potential. All the advertisements that you place within your own search engine portal are tracked and listed, so that further alterations can be made, to enhance your traffic potential.

The primary focus of searchEstate is upon your own main business and everything points back towards that business interest. The listings that are displayed give your business priority above all others. As you increase your network, that exposure is carried across your network of sites. What do you do to build that network? Provide others with a free web advertising solution... You simply gave away a great advertising resource.

Imagine for a moment, that your main business faltered or collapsed. But you had a few thousand sites in your advertising network... You would be able to either redirect that advertising to a new business, or use searchEstate as that main business, or alternatively, rent out your ad space to other online users, using the ‘pay-per-click’ model provided by the company. Who receives the revenue? You do of course, it's your own piece of Internet real-estate that you built.

Every way, in which you look at searchEstate, it’s a win-win situation that can only enhance your position. It does not interfere with anything that you involved with but actually adds a safety curtain to future mishaps. This is the only model of its kind online. It cannot be copied or repeated but spaces in membership are limited. A bright future awaits those who have the vision to accept the searchEstate invitation.

searchEstate – Delivering on its promise of providing free web advertising!


Why searchEstate search engine optimization is important

812 million people have been using the Internet in 2004 (source: Nielsen/NetRatings). Web users spend twice as much time online as watching TV (source: Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society). Consumers spent US$199 billion online in 2004 (source: ComScore).

A survey conducted by market research firm TNS revealed that 75% of all online shoppers said that company size was not a factor in having their online shopping needs satisfied. Only 15% said they preferred to shop with large retailers (source: TNS).

More than 80% of all Internet users find new web sites through search engines (source: Georgia Tech/GVU Users Survey). That means that about 650 million people use search engines to find web sites. Could you just imagine what a 1% return on those results would amount to, in gross revenue?

Search engine users are some of the most qualified and motivated visitors to your web site you will ever have. After all, they have taken the initiative to search for online resources on a certain topic. Then they clicked your link to learn more, or you were paid to host another persons site.

Either way ... You win.

searchEstate will help you to get your web site in front of these potential customers. High search engine rankings result in more web site visitors, more customers and more sales. Take searchEstate for a free test drive today!



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