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"The Best Business Opportunity of 2007 - The Berry Tree" 

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From the Desk of Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

28th May 2007

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Before we enter the portals of The Berry Tree and what it means to you as a self-employed person, I am fully aware that self-employed professionals struggle when it comes to marketing and selling their services.  It’s the most common frustration I hear about, each and every day!  Retaining current associates comes a close second...

That’s why I’m on a mission to eliminate all the fear, rumours, doubt, self-denial, objections, hesitation and frustration around network marketing and want to mentor and guide you to the success you deserve, in less than a few hours per week!

The unique partnership between free advertising and a business which also promotes on your behalf, becomes quite incredible.  A portfolio where you just can't lose!

Time, location and finances are all issues that we need to be aware of, and are all part of constructing a business where automation takes the leading role.  It's all very well joining a business but what about advertising and promotion costs?  Now you can totally eliminate those costs with our Free Web Advertising and Targeted Traffic system from searchEstate.  Plus, you can now join a program where the paid advertising is done for you by a dedicated team of Fortune 500 advertisers! 

Join searchEstate for free...  Then just pay $49.95 plus $6 s/h costs per month to join our main program, which includes free advertising and Guarantees people as paid members in your downline! 



Title: searchEstate - Become the Hunted - Instead of the Hunter...
Released by:
Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.

Release Date:
2006-01-01 08:33:19

searchEstate - the 'first of its kind' in the search engine industry, incorporates its own unique lead generation system targeting red-hot prospects. Search Engine marketing and Advertising system.

This is Awesome!


Tell me something...  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to retain ALL your associates? ...  To have a business, where everyone wants to be part of an automated process that works seamlessly in building your business, 24/7/365 days a year, with no prospecting or recruiting required?  Impossible you say? ...  Not any longer ...

The Berry Tree is not led by promises; It’s driven by dynamic results.  Can you GIVE AWAY free advertising?  Then follow up with a program that Automatically Guarantees success? 

A business that costs just $49.95 a month plus $6 s/h to start and will give you access to free search engine advertising and promotion, while working with some of the most helpful people that you will ever find on the Internet?

Marketing Tip: If not, go find a 5 year old and let him/her do it for you!

Would You Like To Increase Your Monthly Income - Every Month?  Without Sponsoring Anyone?   

That's what you will be able to achieve within just a few short years of participation with searchEstate and ‘The Berry Tree’ program.  This is not some ‘scheme’ or something ‘thrown together’ in haste.  This system was designed by observation, correction and consultation with working representatives over a 3-year period.  In other words;  ‘It’s designed from the inside out.’  searchEstate is quality programming and Internet tool development that exceeds anything currently in use by any other internet search engine!  The Berry Tree was designed and patented with the novice or experienced marketer in mind.  How much money, time and effort have you wasted in the past by trying different advertising methods?  The Berry Tree leaves the bulk of the marketing to the professionals. 

Three years of strategic planning and problem solving!

I am personally committed to helping you with your business.  I know how terribly frustrating and difficult it is to feel alone and isolated working as an untrained, self-employed network marketer.  I was exactly where you are today, a few short years ago.  I too had an incredible vision.  I thought if I stayed aligned to my dreams, followed my heart and let my intuition guide me, I’d be set for life…  and outrageously successful!

Little did I know a couple of months into it, that instead of a huge commission check, I'd be hit with a huge reality check ...  But this was too good a business to just throw away, so I changed it!

Feeling incredibly frustrated, overwhelmed and alone, I became obsessed with getting my vision out to the world and began testing and tweaking different business building and advertising approaches within a business that I considered to be the best available.  My opinion has never changed...  Then that business released a new portal.  The Berry Tree was being born.

It became my personal challenge to find and help build a foolproof system that anyone could duplicate within this business.  I threw myself into every resource, book and marketing program I could get my hands on.  I carefully studied every successful, as well as struggling, network marketer I could find.  I consulted with numerous lead generators, tested the structuring methods, considered the International aspects and fine-tuned a business program that worked for anyone, anywhere in the world, with the least amount of time, investment and effort needed. 

Free Business Building Strategy...

Let me get right to the point here...  I'm NOT charging YOU anything for this system.  You are welcome to try it out absolutely FREE of charge!  Investing in the skills and advertising knowledge necessary to build your business is essential but you have to do it in a way that is going to elate you, not deflate you.  The truth is, marketing on the internet is changing rapidly and struggling through massive amounts of information and making mistakes can be a huge drain.  It's what I did in the past...  But you can profit by my mistakes and lessons learned.

I've brought together all the info you'll need, in an easy, highly duplicatable and completely successful system for advertising,  sponsoring and retaining more associates.  The best part is;  You'll do it with a small group of bright, highly motivated and compassionate people for a fraction of what it costs to work this business in any other way.  I will always be available to help you, throughout the entire process.

By completion, you will be a leader yourself and you won’t need my help! 

Free Web Advertising and Automated Recruiting can only produce a positive result!

I believe there are massive amounts of power in people ...  Power they don’t recognise until someone brings it out.  Making promises to yourself is an uphill battle.  How many times have you told yourself;  "I'm going to start submitting press releases today" or;  "I'm going to put together an hour long presentation and pitch it to everyone I know" or how about this one;  "I'm going to call 5 people every day and follow up with them," but it just doesn't happen!  Or your start but you don't finish ...  The main reason is that you fear selling ...  You fear rejection ...  Let me teach you how to cope with overcoming those fears by not selling anything to anyone!     

Let me lay it on the line... "You are not going to be successful if you keep making promises that you don't fulfil.  If you keep making promises to yourself you're dead in the water.  In fact you're done even before you start."

Working with others is the key to everyone’s success.  It's why I've become so successful.  I work with others on a constant basis.  I have partners in my projects, I’m involved with brainstorming and problem solving mastermind groups that hold me accountable and I’m not afraid to make big promises to my clients and customers, or to speak with anyone on a one-to-one basis, anywhere in the world.  A product of my own techniques and skills, which you can easily adapt and use, with consistent results! 

Research and personal experience explained to me that most people quit a program because of a single factor ...  Incredibly, they had no system in place!  Can you imagine the frustration that causes, to someone who is new to network marketing?  Can you imagine how expensive their training period is going to become?  How are these people going to properly sponsor others?  By advertising their vast experience...?

Every network marketing company has problems but no-one bothers to find the ultimate solution, they just quit.  Every company is different;  Therefore a specific solution is required for each.  Let’s face it;  Unlike the developers of The Berry Tree, most companies are not very ‘savvy’ when it comes to providing real solutions to real problems.  Do you really want to spend hours listening to training tapes, attending meetings, listening to conference calls, etc?

Wouldn’t that time be better spent in building your business with a simple, easy to understand marketing plan?  Do you want to be one of the 93% of failures or one of the 7% who actually mastered their own destiny because they had the right advertising methods and joined the right business, at the right time?

Your continuation with The Berry Tree will increase everyones personal building potential by more than 3000% ...  Because you always have more than just one person building your business.  That is incredible leverage!

You will not only build your Berry Tree income faster, you will have people begging to know how you became so successful so quickly! 

No more competition with other businesses or rival networkers!

Learn how to plug into the most successful form of advertising - the major search engines.  In a recent survey by Targeted Marketing Magazine, it was revealed that over 46% of people who visit websites, come from the major search engines.  E-mail marketing accounted for just 1.2%.  

There is no charge for this incredible plan of action, although I could charge a sizeable amount for this information. Your success is our success and that is what’s important.  I am a ‘people person,’ not a ‘guru’ who leaves you for broke after fleecing you for re-hashed information.

Now, it doesn't matter if you are a seasoned professional, or complete novice.  Everything has been done for you and explained fully in The Berry Tree.  No-one gets left behind and everyone achieves success!  If you are serious about building a substantial residual income, with the least amount of time and effort, then start the first step by signing up for searchEstate for FREE..

Next, view our presentation for The Berry Tree and sign up.  You will then be contacted about how to design your search engine portal and after completion, it will submitted to all the major search engines, free of charge.  This is a $99 value, that we give you free, as a way of saying 'thanks for joining our team.'


You can contact me directly for more information and hear more about this system by calling me via Skype; adding username: michaelfowler or by e-mail to;  Michael Fowler at

Want to know more about searchEstate? Click through to the Video Presentation here:

" The future of Internet Advertising"



Your privacy is important to us and you can rest assured that your information will never be given out to anyone. If you would like to speak with a representative;


P.S. You will never make any real money working for someone else. Sales are one of the highest paid professions. However, with each passing day that you wait to get yourself motivated, your dream of financial independence drifts a little further away. Don't waste one more second.

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